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*All Netttexx Products are 100% Made in the USA

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  • GFX Golf Barrier Netting - Composite construction incorporates High Tenacity Multifilament in a UV protective layer of High-Density Polyethylene made of the highest quality inhibitors. Dark Green color.

  • G3 Barrier Netting - Barrier containment netting as a boundary for out of bounds balls. Black color.

  • G4-I Impact Netting - High tenacity polyester multifilament netting designed for cages with a baffle and short hitting ranges. Can withstand constant aggressive hits and doesn't discolor your balls. Black color.

  • GSQ-Hybrid - Made with a high tenacity polyester multifilament combined in a polyethylene monofilament using tight-lock lock-stitch construction. Excellent chemical resistance. Black color.

  • G4 - B High tenacity polyester multifilament netting system with a breaking strength of 110 lbs per mesh on average.

  • G3 Barrier Netting - Barrier containment netting as a boundary for out of bounds balls. Black color.

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  • Nylon Batting Cage Nets offer the highest value to durability on the market. Some other materials offer a better price point, fewer offer greater durability but none offer the value and durability that Nylon does. Available in #21 Nylon, #36 Nylon, #42 Nylon, and #60 Nylon.

  • Polyethylene batting cage nets offer the greatest price available on the market. Naturally suited for outdoor usage, polyethylene is water/rot resistant and contains UV inhibitors. Available in #21 Polyethylene and #36 Polyethylene.

  • Heavy duty polyethylene that's designed to withstand years of punishment.

  • Simple to install with cable ties and will not unravel if cut to size on the job site.

  • G - 1 Containment netting made from polypropylene with a black color.  Has a working life expectancy of 5 - 9 years and a breaking strength of 30 lbs.

  • G - 2 heavy weight containment netting made from polypropylene with a black color.  Has a working life expectancy of 10 - 16 years and a breaking strength of 60 lbs.

  • Both are primary used for flight pens, aviaries, fish hatcheries, fish farms, stock feed lots, heavy snow and ice areas.

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  • Reliable and durable shade coverings for all animals.  

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  • G3: Made from a very high strength Polypropylene Mono filament. The resulting product maintains a high level of strength throughout it's 16 year projected lifetime. High tenacity per weight means less surface area for overall strength. This reduces wind resistance and snow/ice loads. G3 is self extinguishing. 

  • GFX: is a dark green heavy duty, high density Polyethylene and multifilament mix netting and comes with a 15-year warranty for manufacturer defect.

  • Blowing dust and dirt must be contained, decrease wind turbulence inside the work area, contain debris and visually screen scaffolding and work areas. We combat these problems with DebrisNet netting and ScafGard scaffolding enclosure fabrics. A unique construction process creates a tough, durable product that is fray and tear resistant. Both products are made from highly UV resistant polymers.

  • Installation is simple; the products can be cut to size at the job site. They will not unravel when cut. Attach with tie wraps, lacing cord, hog rings, or flooring staples.

  • DebrisNet: is available in fire retardant orange and non-fire retardant black (self-extinguishing).

  • ScafGard: can be installed vertically or horizontally and is available in self-extinguishing black.

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  • A heavy duty knitted monofilament Shade Cloth, by Custom Fabrics Manufacturer NETTEXX.

  • Standard Roll Sizes: (10' x 300') (12' x 300') (20' x 300') (Custom sizes also available).

  • Shade Factors: (30%) (40%) (50%) (60%) (70%) (80%).

  • Ground Cover Sizes: (6' x 300') (10' x 300') (12' x 300') (15' x 300').

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  • CCF Boundary fencing - available in orange, blue, red, and green.

  • Made from a polypropylene with a working life expectancy of 6 - 12 years and a breaking strength of 770 Lbs P.S.F.

  • Custom truck tarps with netting width sizes of 6', 10', 12', 20'.

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  • Custom net or fabric panels for conveyors.

  • Debris nets for mezzanines or catwalks.

  • Netting and fabric panels for the back of pallet racks.

  • View screen for privacy.

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  • Natick Award recipient for contributions in Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • Among the custom fabric products Nettexx has manufactured for military applications include shade cloth, heat shelter fabrics, camouflaged shelter fabrics and stealth composite components that may be UV, radar or laser scattering, absorbent or reflective.

  • U.S. Department of Defense Procurement Instrument ID No. W58P05-04-D-0013

  • A high density lightweight knitted fabric manufactured specifically so it can be cut to size at the job site without unraveling.

  • Easily installed by attaching to a chain link fence with hog rings or plastic tie wraps, which are also used on netting.

  • Designed to improve your area's appearance, reduce visual access, and increase your security.

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  • ​Custom Netting & Fabric Manufacturing also available, contact us for more information along with your specifications.

  • Netting with rope border (5/16 Th, 12 strand high tenacity polyester braid, bursting strength of 4720 Lbs.)

  • Additional Accessories: Large automatic hog ring gun, galvanized hog rings, galvanized 3/16" and 1/4" cables.


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