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Shade Cloth

Standard Roll Sizes:

  • (10ft x 300ft)

  • (12ft x 300ft)

  • (20ft x 300ft)

  • Shade Factors: (30%) (40%) (50%) (60%) (70%)

  • A heavy duty knitted monofilament fabric designed to provide maximum protection

  • Easily cut to size and will not unravel because of its lock-stitch tight knit netting

  • Our ShadeCloth is made from highly UV stabilized, high density polyethylene

  • Can provide a more fruitful crop by increasing average profits per plant by protecting them from the elements

  • Custom sizes also available if ordering enough quantity ( no small orders )

       (ShadeCloth Specs)


Shade Cloth by Nettexx
ShadeCloth Enclosure Nettexx
Nettexx Cattle Shade
Nettexx Shade Cloth
Shade Cloth: Product
Shadecloth Made in USA Nettexx
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