Scaffolding Fabrics & Debris Netting

  • Blowing dust and dirt must be contained, decrease wind turbulence inside the work area, contain debris and visually screen scaffolding and work areas. We combat these problems with DebrisNet netting and ScafGard scaffolding enclosure fabrics. A unique construction process creates a tough, durable product that is fray and tear resistant. Both products are made from highly UV resistant polymers.

  • Installation is simple; the products can be cut to size at the job site. They will not unravel when cut. Attach with tie wraps, lacing cord, hog rings, or flooring staples.

  • DebrisNet: is available in fire retardant orange and non-fire retardant black (self-extinguishing).

  • ScafGard: can be installed vertically or horizontally and is available in self-extinguishing black.