Golf Cage Impact Net 10ft x 10ft      (click to choose different sizes)

Golf Cage Impact Net 10ft x 10ft (click to choose different sizes)

SKU: g4i10x10
  • HIGH QUALITY GOLF PRACTICE NET… UV treated, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Able to withstand constant aggressive hits over a long period of time & doesn’t discolor sporting balls.
  • Specifically designed for high impact at close range, perfect for golf cages with a baffle.
  • Simple to install… Can either be hanged/attached from vertical poles, hooks, or fixed structures using zip-ties, plastic clips, Caribbean Clips, etc.
  • Netting contains finished edges instead of rope borders. (Rope borders restrict an impact nets ability to flex, causing it to wear out and get holes faster)
  • 100% made in the USA at our climate-controlled facility in Greenville, South Carolina. All of our netting is manufactured using a proprietary Loc-Stitch knitting process which allows you to cut our nets to size on the job-site and they will not come unraveled.
  • Installation Instructions

    Mounting the Net:  We ship the netting in a condensed form. As the material is unrolled on the ground, it will appear substantially narrower and longer than the actual dimension ordered.  Pull the material out to its intended width before installing.  As this is done, the length of the material will decrease. (Install bottom left to top left first, then pull the net tight to finish with bottom right and top right).