(Model: G4-I) 7/8 inch mesh Golf Impact net, indoors or outdoors specifically designed for cages with a baffle and short hitting ranges. For the golfer who can not get out to the range daily. G4-I allows you to practice your swing in the comfort of your own back yard. G4-I is able to withstand constant aggressive hits and will not fail. SPECS: Breaking Strength: 110lbs per mesh on average weft direction, 121lbs per mesh on average warp direction. Melting Point: 472 Degrees F Tenacity 7.5 grams per denier minimum.... ***For custom netting sizes/jobs call 1-800-NETTEXX or email internationalsales@nettexx.net

G4I Golf Cage Impact Net 12ft x 24ft

SKU: 0852669332530
  • Mounting the Net:  We ship the netting in a condensed form. As the material is unrolled on the ground, it will appear substantially narrower and longer than the actual dimension ordered.  Pull the material out to its intended width before installing.  As this is done, the length of the material will decrease. (Install bottom left to top left first, then pull the net tight to finish with bottom right and top right).


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