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Toxic Pond Hazmat Netting

Provide barrier to hazardous source.

FlightGard℠ is made from very high strength monofilament using the highest quality olefin polymers. The resulting product maintains a high level of strenght throughout the 16 year projected lifetime. By design, FlightGard is not affected by acids, alkalis or even prolonged exposure to hydrogen sulfide. When conditions demand the most, -30° to 120° F, high winds, etc., FlightGard continues to perform. High tenacity per weight means less surface area for overall strenght. This reduces wind resistance and snow/ice loads. Exceeds federal standards. FlightGard is self extinguishing.

FlightGard is commonly used at oil sumps, separation ponds, boiler chemicals, & leachate ponds, to name a few. Flexibility; prevents injury to birds and aids in installation. FlightGard conforms to EPA regulations for wildlife and the Migratory Bird Act.

Easy to install; cut to size at the job sight. Tightloc® construction will not unravel when cut. Hog ring directly to cable or chain link, staple to wood, or tie wrap to pole structures.